Your skin needs a life long strategy to prevent ageing so you can always put your best face forward.

Although we can't make you look like someone you’re not, what we can do is make you look really great for your age. So much so that you’ll never be reluctant to stand out in a crowd. Your skin is yours for life so let’s make the most of it - and with our team of consultants and specialists on your side, we think you’re in expert hands!

Ageing is one of the inevitable things in life, and with age all sorts of different things start to happen with our skin. Some good, some not so much. At the Skin Specialist Centre our aim is to treat what bothers you now and give you a thoughtful Skin Care Strategy that you can use to avoid the worst of the signs of ageing in the future. Read more about how every age has its challenges and how we can help you get a great outcome that you'll be truly happy with.

In your 20s

Everyone in Auckland enjoys the outdoors and the pleasant Auckland sun. This is when skin pigmentation develops, along with skin ageing. It is essential that you take good care of your skin at an early age, which will give you a foundation for when you are in your 20s onwards.

Looking After your Skin in Your 20s:

  • The basis of prevention is sun screen and optimal skin care.
  • The aim is to prevent wrinkles.
  • In your 20s, a small correction in volume loss will make a huge impact on how you age.
  • Skin texture can be improved with Fraxel Dual laser, Picoway Resolve and Excel V Genesis.
  • Acne scars from your younger teen years can be significantly reduced.


In your 30s

Three decades of Auckland sun can have a major impact on your skin, with the usual comment that your skin is “tired”, “dull”, “has wrinkles” and “skin tone loss”. The aim in your 30s is to prevent and treat wrinkles, restore volume, improve skin texture and skin tone. 

Looking After your Skin in your 30s:

  • Three decades of sun damage will give you fine wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • Hormonal pigmentation from pregnancy is commonly seen.
  • Wrinkles in your 30s are almost universal.
  • Laser and anti-wrinkle injections can relax and prevent lines.
  • Volume loss, especially in the mid facial areas, can create a tired look.
  • Eyelids start to sag in your 30s.

Our treatments of choice:

  • Fractional lasers will improve your skin texture.
  • Correct dose of fillers will create volume replacement.
  • Ultraformer III will improve your skin tone.


In your 40s

With four decades of sun-damage, pre-cancerous spots and skin cancer become a major issue, along with persistent pigmentation presenting as liver spots. Laser resurfacing can address many of these issues. Ultraformer III can improve skin tone and fillers can replace volume loss. Rejuvenation in this age group can produce some outstanding results, which are natural.

Looking After your Skin in your 40s:

  • Four decades of sun exposure will predispose you to pigmentation and skin cancer.
  • Facial, leg veins and rosacea are common in the 40s.  
  • Volume loss is more pronounced, especially in the mid-cheeks and lips.
  • Eye wrinkles can be improved with various fractionated lasers.
  • Laser resurfacing, vascular laser and fillers can correct and refresh your 40s, to give your skin the glow of your twenties.
  • Non-surgical skin tightening procedures such as Ultraformer III stimulate collagen production and provide a natural, no downtime face-lift.


In your 50s

If you have availed yourself to sun protection and sunscreens, there may be minor pigmentation issues but, unfortunately, sunscreens were not so effective twenty years ago and the effects quite often show prominently in certain individuals.  The best news is that we have multiple skin rejuvenation methods available to help you with your concerns, with a combination of lasers, peels and energy devices we are able to re-vitalise, volumise and rejuvenate your skin, with natural-looking results.

Facts on Looking After your Skin in Your 50s:

  • Five decades of sun will result in age spots, sun spots, pigmentation and wrinkles, all of which can be treated with laser resurfacing.
  • Laser resurfacing improves skin texture and skin tone.
  • Skin tone can be improved with Ultraformer III, using high-focused ultrasound energy.
  • Red veins and rosacea (red face) are commonly seen in the 50s and respond very well to VBeam and Excel laser.
  • Redness on your neck presenting as mottled brown/red pigmentation can also be lasered.
  • Volume loss is, unfortunately, more pronounced, especially in the mid-cheeks and temple regions and replacing volume loss is important in this age group.
  • Eye wrinkles are now static and can be aided with eyelid surgery and/or resurfacing.
  • A treatment creating a balance between skin texture, tone and volume will create the most natural and best skin rejuvenation.


In your 60s

In your 60s, a large number of us note skin loss and note that skin is loose, lax and wrinkled, with poor skin tone and uneven skin texture.  Many years of New Zealand sun exposure causes sun spots, pigmentation and, in a lot of cases, skin cancer.  Using a combination of lasers, fillers and skin tightening devices, we are able to reverse skin ageing and issues of concern.

Facts on Looking After your Skin in Your 60s:

  • Six decades of life means that lines, wrinkles and volume loss are accentuated and years of sun-damage will, unfortunately, manifest as sun spots, skin cancers, scars and wrinkles.  
  • Jowl lines are visible and eyelids get heavy and wrinkled.
  • Volume loss will be marked on the temples, cheeks and around the mouth.
  • Using a combination of surgery, fillers, energy devices and lasers, your skin can be rejuvenated.
  • As in any age group, the balance between skin texture, tone and volume will create the best outcomes.
  • It is in this age group that we can quite often produce significant results, which you would not think achievable.


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