Active Acne

Active Acne

Acne is probably the most common problem that we all have at some time. Without the correct treatment, it is likely to go on for a very long time which affects both how you feel about your appearance and yourself. The chance of long term problems with scars and discoloration can be a constant concern. 

We know it is a problem with the Skin’s Oil Glands and we know that acne comes in many forms. What you may not know is that you don’t need to suffer from it. Whether we are talking about angry red pustules and cysts, or the annoying blackheads or whiteheads that seem to never go away, there is a Treatment that is right for your mix of problems.

Although acne is most commonly seen in teenagers, it can affect people of all ages, sometimes continuing into Adulthood. Females and males of all races are affected.

What causes it and why have I got Acne?

We know Acne is due to an unfortunate combination of many factors, ultimately resulting in Redness and Pain in an inflamed lump or bump. It is the painful inflammatory situation that we will focus on, with an aim to control and solve this for you. 

You may have inherited acne from a parent, it could just be the imbalance of your hormones during puberty and the affect these are having on oil production. Some specific problems such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome [PCOS] and certain oral contraceptive pills or devices can cause Acne. But in terms of treatment plans one thing is common – the treatment needs to be the right one for you. No amount of cleansing, toning and steaming is going to get at the root cause and endless rounds of antibiotics won’t help either. These are all just managing the symptoms. 

At The Skin Specialist Centre our team will skilfully diagnose the exact mix of problems you have and give you the best dermatological options for treatment. Our aim is to give you the best outcome for your appearance and your outlook.

How is it treated?

Your Acne treatment needs to be the right one for you. Depending on the type and severity of the acne that you have, what the precipitating factors may be, your medications and hormonal profile and your general health. Early treatment is encouraged to prevent or minimise scarring. Treatment aims include decreasing the number of pimples, limit pigment changes and scarring of the skin. Acne medicines work in several ways to control acne that include countering the effects of hormones, reducing oil production in the skin and killing bacteria that contribute to the inflammation. The best strategy for management will be by consulting with a specialist dermatologist who can provide many options for treatments to ensure that you get the most aesthetically pleasing results and minimal scarring.

In addition, if you have already developed scarring or pigmentation we can help with these problems. We offer the largest range of Laser and Light devices that we regularly use to reverse the consequences of inadequately treated acne. Our team are trained in using these on all skin types and all skin colours.

Some examples of additional treatments that may be of benefit in selected patients include pulsed-dye laser (Candela Laser) for redness and radio-frequency devices(e-Two) and picosecond fractionated Lasers (Pico Way) for acne scarring. Larger, painful acne scars may be injected with corticosteroid injections. We can often get started on solving these other problems while you are still on anti-acne medicines.

From the start you will gain confidence from our team that your treatment plan is going to solve your acne problem. We need to be clear that the treatment will take time but you will be in our hands until we have provided the successful outcome you want. Any concerns can be answered along the way and we can adjust your as we go. However, there are multiple actions that can happen simultaneously, reducing the overall time it will take to get a great result. For example, we can start treating any scars at the same time you are on active acne treatments. 

What’s the next step?

If you already have an appointment booked at The Skin Specialist Centre, you can easily add an this treatment/consultation to your booking by calling our friendly team on (09) 524 5011. If you have never been to The Skin Specialist Centre, you can either give us a call on (09) 524 5011 or make an enquiry by clicking on the Enquire Now option below.

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