MiraDry for Sweating

MiraDry for Sweating

Sweating is fine at the gym, but not so great in the boardroom. If you need a solution for sweating, regardless of the cause, our specialists can provide you with advice and options. If no one has ever offered you a Permanent Solution before, then you need to see us at the Skin Specialist Centre.

There are some factors that trigger the excessive sweating and these will differ between individuals, but can include anxiety, exercise, hot weather, spicy foods and stress. Lifestyle measures to reduce the signs of hyperhidrosis include wearing loose, cool clothing made of fabric that is designed to absorb sweat and not promote odour, as well as specially formulated anti-perspirant deodorants.

Genetic factors, together with emotional stress, medicines, and caffeine all play a role in sweating. Some people may have a relative with excessive sweating, or may also suffer from sweaty hands and feet. No matter how severe you sweat, our Dermatologists will have a solution for you.

Our treatments

  • miraDry (axillary only)
  • Botulinum toxin (axillary, palmar and plantar)

Underarm sweating

Dermatology Specialists understand how excessive underarm sweating affects you- from the clothes you choose to wear, the situations you avoid, and the confidence sapping situations you are faced with daily. We understand that you can be cold and still sweat. We understand that you can be calm and sweat drips from your underarms. Our Specialist Team understand your favourite colour is black, and you avoid at all costs lifting your arms up in public. Our Specialist Team know you think about not sweating, but still it happens. Our Specialist Team know there is a cure.

Excessive sweating in many areas including the face, scalp, hands, feet, and underarms is not uncommon. miraDry can not be used to treat all these areas, however it is an excellent treatment for underarms. Other areas, such as the hands and feet may require other special treatments. It is important to identify if there are other causes for your sweating if you have generalised sweating and as Specialists we are trained to do this.

Face sweating

Sweating of the forehead, upper lip, and scalp is a common condition associated with sweaty underarms. Treatments such as creams and sweat-stop treatments can be beneficial. miraDry treatment is not indicated for facial and scalp sweating, but is an excellent method of treating excessive underarm sweating.

Feet sweating

Sweaty feet or plantar hyperhidrosis is a common condition affecting 3% of the population. miraDry can not treat sweaty feet since tendons and nerves may be damaged by the pulsed electromagnetic energy of miraDry. Treatment for excessive feet sweating can be successful with other specialised treatments.

Palm sweating

Sweaty palms or palmar hyperhidrosis is a very common area of excessive sweating, affecting up to 3% of the population. Unfortunately, miraDry is not useful nor is it safe to treat in this area. Other specialised treatments can be recommended for this particular area. The use of anti-sweating creams and lotions can be moderately effective.


The Skin Specialist Centre is the only centre in New Zealand (and the first in Australasia) to introduce the miraDry system to reduce underarm sweat and odour. miraDry is a non invasive FDA approved treatment that uses light energy to destroy underarm sweat and odour glands. Once those glands are destroyed, they do not grow back, ensuring long lasting results. Sweat stopping treatments injections are also very effective, but need to be repeated every 4-6 months.

The miraDry procedure is ideal for people who are bothered by underarm sweat, have embarrassing underarm sweat outbreaks, and are frustrated by constantly ruining clothes and frequently applying antiperspirant. The miraDry procedure is not for use for hand and feet sweating.

  • miraDry is the permanent solution for excessive armpit sweating. 
  • miraDry treatment consists of two sessions spaced three months apart.
  • Each session takes around an hour to perform.
  • miraDry works by using microwave beams to heat up your sweat glands- permanently but safely destroying them.
  • miraDry patients will achieve around 85% sweat reduction.
  • Treatments are comfortable, as we numb the area, and if needed offer mild sedation.
  • Most patients can go back to work or school the very next day as miraDry downtime is minimal.

How it works

The miraDry system delivers precisely controlled electro-magnetic energy to where the sweat glands reside in the axilla (underarm). The sweat glands are eliminated, and because sweat glands do not grow back, treatment results are lasting and dramatic. As only about 2% of the approximate four million sweat glands in your body are in the underarms, this treatment will not affect the body’s ability to cool itself. 

Typically, after two treatments, when patients have been assessed at twelve months following treatment there is an 85% permanent reduction in sweating. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to treat excessive sweating in other areas such as sweaty hands or sweaty feet as the procedure requires an underlying layer of fat. Underarms have this, but hands and feet do not. If you have been concerned that you could not raise your arms with confidence, or felt you had to throw away your favourite blouse because of staining, the miraDry system may be the appropriate treatment for you.

The procedure

The miraDry is a two-step process – the first treatment will produce remarkable results, and following the second treatment you should see as much as an immediate 85% improvement. The treatments are spaced three to four months apart to maximize the results and duration. Patients may also experience a decrease in odour, as well as some permanent hair reduction. Alternative options, including antiperspirants and toxins, aim to temporarily disable the sweat glands for varying lengths of time - requiring repeat treatments to maintain effectiveness. Other options involve surgery, which poses inherent risks. The miraDry is the only treatment that provides lasting results in a non-invasive way.

A Dermatologist and a Specialist laser nurse customise each treatment for each underarm with multiple placements of the miraDry hand piece. Local anaesthesia is administered to the area prior to the procedure to completely numb the area. The procedure normally lasts around one hour. Minimal or no down-time is required following the procedure. We would recommend a mild pain relief medication such as Paracetamol and the application of ice-packs to the treated site for a few days. Exercise can typically be resumed within several days. Mild localised soreness or swelling is normal and usually clears within a few weeks. Occasionally, swelling can be significant, but always resolves with time. 

The procedure usually takes about an hour. Two procedures are recommended, three months apart, to maximize the quality and duration of results. Most patients experience little pain because the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. During the procedure, most people experience some pressure and light pulling on the skin, with some sensations of warmth. There may be an occasional "hot spot" that lasts briefly but is usually well tolerated. On average, patients describe the discomfort as about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest).


After 2 Treatments permanent, sweat reduction of around 85% can be achieved. Most patients report a dramatic, lasting reduction of their underarm sweat. The underarm sweat glands don't grow back or regenerate once they've been removed. Because the sweat glands don't grow back, patients experience a significant and lasting reduction of underarm sweat.

You can expect minimal to no downtime after the procedure. Your Dermatologist will recommend a mild over-the-counter pain medication and the use of ice packs for a few days. You should be able to return to normal activities or work right after the procedure, and you can usually resume exercise within several days.

Side effects are minimal if they do occur. Some localised soreness or swelling is normal, and typically clears within a few weeks. You should talk with your miraDry Dermatologist at The Skin Specialist Centre  about any potential side effects.

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