Excess Hair

Excess Hair

Regardless of cause, excessive hair growth in both men and women can be treated at the Skin Specialist Centre where we will determine, following consultation with you, the most effective treatment plan. We have an extensive number of lasers for all skin types to remove and reduce hair without damaging the skin in the treated areas.

Excessive hair growth is a frequent cosmetic concern for both men and woman. At the Skin Specialist Centre we offer multiple approaches for treating excessive hair growth, depending on the hair type, skin type and location of the body hair. We frequently address excess hair growth on the face and neck, as well as excessive body hair. Occasionally excessive hair growth in women can be related to a medical condition often related to a woman’s hormones. For example, polycystic ovarian syndrome can be related to excessive unwanted hair growth in women. 

Proper treatment of the underlying medical condition is paramount, but excess hair removal can generally be provided concurrently with medical treatments. In addition, excessive hair growth can be genetic in nature. Though excessive hair growth due to genetic condition is not medically concerning, it may pose a major cosmetic concern.

Arm Hair

Both men and women are plagued by excessive arm hair and want to know how to remove it without shaving. Permanent hair reduction can be achieved using laser technology. At the Skin Specialist Centre we provide our patients with state-of-the-art hair removal lasers and each is chosen on its merits for patients’ type of hair and skin type. It cannot be over-stressed with hair removal to have the proper equipment for a given skin type, to avoid complications. With several treatments, arm hair can become significantly and permanently reduced.

Back Hair

Many men shave their backs in order to reduce their excessive back hair. Laser hair removal has been proven to be very effective for significant permanent hair reduction. Our combination of lasers, particularly the Lumenis Lightsheer Duet and Asclepion provide us with the biggest treatment spot size to significantly reduce treatment times. We are able to treat all skin types, given the extensive range of lasers that we offer. Usually a series of six treatments over 6 – 12 months will lead to significant permanent hair reduction.

Bikini Line Hair

Excess hair in the bikini area can range from being a nuisance to causing ingrown hairs and constant inflammation (redness). Removal of bikini hair is the best long-term solution to this problem and does not increase the risk of ingrown hairs like waxing or shaving do. We can design the boundaries of hair removal you desire. Three to six treatments in most cases will set you free from shaving and waxing. At the Skin Specialsist Centre we are committed to the latest technology or innovations in the field of laser hair removal and can offer treatment for any skin type, including Lumenis Lightsheer Duet, Asclepion and Gemini.

Excess Facial Hair

Excess facial hair can be genetic or in women due to hormonal imbalance. The majority of the time excess facial hair is genetic or due to ageing. Moustache, sideburn and chin hair is the most common of excess facial hair in women. Sometimes facial hair is a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can cause acne and facial hair. If there is any suspicion of polycystic ovarian syndrome, which would normally present as excess hair, acne and irregular menstrual cycles, then we will provide the necessary laboratory investigations and evaluation, as well as providing laser treatment.

Many men complain about the neck beard area, especially the lowest part that may be more prone to ingrown hairs or have an irregular lower border and be difficult to shave. Ingrown hairs (pseudo-folliculitis barbae) is the most common cause for men to request hair removal. Occasionally people want to have their unibrow treated. Laser hair removal is one of the most suitable laser treatments available. The Skin Specialist Centre has the best equipment for all skin types for laser hair removal. With dark skin it is important for patients to be sure that the correct laser is being used for them so as not to suffer any unwanted side-effects, such as pigmentary change with an inappropriate laser used for their treatment.

Leg Hair

Many women suffer from ingrown hairs that leave brown marks and cause discomfort to their legs. Others are just tired of the daily need to shave or to frequently wax. Laser hair removal for the legs can be achieved with our numerous lasers which we provide for all skin types. Permanent hair reduction usually takes 3 – 6 treatments, spaced around eight weeks apart. It cannot be over-emphasised that it is important that the correct laser be used on the right skin colour to not only achieve the best results, but also to prevent any complications such as pigmentary change or burns.

Underarm Hair

Unwanted underarm hair is a complaint of many patients. Shaving and waxing is a hassle, sometimes painful and requires constant maintenance. Laser hair removal provides a solution to treating underarm hair. Laser hair removal of underarm hair yields long-term permanent hair reduction, therefore reducing the need to shave, wax or thread. At the Skin Specialist Centre we are committed to the latest technological innovations in the field of hair removal and can offer treatment for any skin type.

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