What Is It?

Redness of the face is caused by many small blood vessels in the face and can be caused by either sun damage or by a condition called rosacea, which causes flushing, blushing, dilated blood vessels and pimples. Rosacea is often accompanied by very sensitive skin, not only to fragrance and irritants, but also to heat, sun and alcoholic beverages causing flushing episodes, accompanied by burning, stinging and itching. At the Skin Specialist Centre we are most fortunate in providing state-of-the-art lasers and light sources to treat redness. Vascular lasers, referring to lasers that are effective for treating blood vessels, are used. At the Skin Specialist Centre we have three different lasers that can achieve this – the Candela VBeam (known as the pulse dye laser) was the original laser to treat redness of the skin. The Skin Specialist Centre has the newest model of the Candela VBeam which allows us to gently and effectively treat blood vessels and redness without purpura (bruising) and with minimal, if any, down-time. We also use the Excel V and the Gemini.

Although patients benefit from these lasers, each laser is chosen on its individual merit depending on the patient’s presentation, so that we can combine treatments to achieve the best result for each patient. In this way, we can effectively treat each individual’s case of rosacea or broken blood vessels.

As well as laser treatment, there are topical gels, creams and systemic medications that can aid our treatment of rosacea. Topical and oral therapy are an important component in the treatment of rosacea, since rosacea is a chronic condition and without treatment it will return. We also recommend maintenance treatments at least every year with the lasers to maintain a low level of redness and activity of rosacea, and stress the importance of regularly applying sunscreen throughout the year.

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What’s the next step?

If you already have an appointment booked at The Skin Specialist Centre, you can easily add a rosacea treatment consultation to your booking by calling our friendly team on (09) 524 5011. If you have never been to The Skin Specialist Centre, you can either give us a call on (09) 524 5011 or make an enquiry by clicking on the Enquire Now option below.