What is eTwo™?

eTwo™ is a newly introduced, FDA-cleared aesthetic device that includes two unique treatments combining Sublative rejuvenation and Sublime skin contouring to revive your skin to appear more youthful. eTwo™ is a treatment that uses radio-frequency energy (electrical as opposed to laser) to deliver an effective fractional and tightening treatment to reduce fine line wrinkles, pores and acne scarring. Sublime skin contouring is a treatment that combines infra-red light with radio-frequency to firm skin, as well as tighten lax skin. With eTwo™ treatment, three Sublime and three Sublative treatments are given once a month for three months and performed on the same days. Results are optimal one to three months after final treatment. The combination eTwo™ treatment is excellent for all skin types and has minimal downtime or disruption to daily activities. Discomfort is minimal.


How do I know if I need eTwo™?

eTwo™ is a treatment for those who would like to improve wrinkling, sagging of the skin, reduction of pore size and reduction of acne scarring.

How does eTwo™ work?

The eTwo™ combines Sublative rejuvenation and Sublime skin contouring as treatments to reverse ageing. eTwo™ requires three treatments of both Sublative rejuvenation and Sublime skin contouring. Sublative uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency that targets the upper layer of the skin to treat superficial imperfections associated with the skin’s overall clarity and texture. Fibroblasts (skin cells that produce collagen) are activated within the treated zones and signal collagen to regenerate and re-model, yielding improved skin tone and texture. The surrounding tissue of the untreated area supports and accelerates the healing process of the skin.

The Sublime treatment uses a combination of light (infra-red) energy and bi-polar radio frequency, with deep dermal heating required to improve the deeper placed imperfections, such as wrinkles.

Who is a good candidate for eTwo™ treatment?

Sublative and Sublime are treatments that work to diminish the early signs of ageing by restoring collagen that is lost over time. These treatments are perfect for all skin types and ideal for patients wishing to seek a glowing and smooth complexion, but who cannot afford down-time often associated with other laser treatments.

Any patient looking to improve texture (acne scars, pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, tone and tightening) is a candidate for treatment with the eTwo™.

What is the treatment protocol?

Sublative and Sublime can be performed as individual treatments or together, depending on the patient.

How many treatments will patients need?

Each patient’s treatment protocol will vary based on individual needs and desired results. Most patients will require 3 treatments, spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart.

What benefits can I expect?

The benefits include smoother and brighter skin, with smaller appearing pores, less scarring and finer and less deep wrinkles. As well, lax skin will be tighter as well as firmer. Usually, results become noticeable over a period of three to six months, but some patients have seen results immediately after treatment.

What are the risks and side-effects?

 The procedure is mildly uncomfortable. Sublime is usually comfortable, where the Sublative treatment usually requires topical anaesthetic cream, making it tolerable. The expected side-effects are redness and swelling after the procedure that lasts from hours to days and occasionally even up to a week or beyond. Small scabs covering around 5% of the treated areas appear, but they are usually easy to cover with make-up and, although present for 5 – 14 days, are usually not very noticeable after the first day or two. We would suggest the use of our post-laser treatment skin care combination to further minimize any side-effects.

Prior to treatment, all potential risks and side-effects will be discussed with you by your dermatologist and/or laser nurse.

How will I look after the treatment?

Most patients have redness and swelling with Sublative rejuvenation for a few hours to three days. Small crusts may develop and these are present for around 5 – 14 days but these are easy to camouflage with make-up, or even without it, after the first one to two days. Results will develop over time and with subsequent treatments.

Can Oratane (Isotretinoin) be used with radio-frequency?

Yes, however patients will need to be on a low dose of Oratane – less than 30mg average dose daily. Radio-frequency can also be combined with all forms of acne therapy and patients will see results within a few weeks of treatment. In more severe cases of scarring, patients will often require other acne scar treatments, such as fractional laser or TCA cross methods to achieve maximal scar improvement.