What is It?

Aktilite is a class IIa medical device with 128 light emitting diodes, with a peak wavelength of 630nm. It provides red light energy for greater efficacy.

What is it Used For?

PDT (Photo-Dynamic Therapy) is increasingly recognised as an innovative, highly effective approach for dermatological cancer treatment, with a number of advantages over traditional skin cancer therapy (high efficacy, selectivity, better cosmetic outcome and short duration).

The Aktilite CL128 is the choice of light source for PDT. The successful treatment with photo-dynamic therapy depends on the three elements of the procedure – photosensitiser + light + oxygen. Aktilite CL128 emits heat-free visible red light at a peak wavelength of 630nm, which corresponds to one activation peak for protoporphyrin IX (generated by the photosensitiser), and the deepest penetration in the skin to treat both superficial lesions (actinic keratosis) and deeper lesions (basal cell carcinoma). It has been demonstrated that the light source has a strong impact on the efficacy and in several clinical studies it has been shown that narrow spectrum lamps result in a higher patient clearance rate than broad spectrum lamps.