What Is It?

Laser skin resurfacing is a more aggressive treatment approach to skin damage or scars. Some parts of the skin will be completely renewed. This treatment requires down-time and a visible healing process.

Laser skin resurfacing is now fractional, meaning we resurface a fraction of the skin, and not the whole skin. We do this because fractional treatment results in a quicker healing process, with fewer complications. Although in the past, dramatic results could be achieved with full skin resurfacing, there were too many complications to justify its continued use. We can now safely achieve the same results with revolutionary new equipment which has become available in recent years. We offer different kinds of resurfacing which include:

  • Fraxel (non-ablative fractional resurfacing)

  • eTwo (Sublative fractional resurfacing)

  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) fractional resurfacing (Smart Xide Dot laser).

The treatment descriptions below will help you determine which procedure is right for you. We invite you to schedule an appointment visit where you will meet Dr McKerrow to answer your questions, to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Auckland


Fraxel has allowed us to treat the overall skin texture irregularities, scars and modest wrinkles in a way that has not been available before. We have three procedures which we use – Fraxel Restore 1550 (the original laser), Fraxel Thulium (the upgraded portion 1927) and Fraxel Dual (using both the same procedures 1550 and 1927). Scars and textural irregularities are treated optimally with Restore 1550, whereas sun freckles and surface wrinkles are best addressed with Thulium 1927. For general anti-ageing, the combination called Dual is extremely effective for mild to moderate ageing changes of the skin.


Sublative rejuvenation enables you to achieve a more youthful appearance. The procedure uses radio-frequency (related to electricity instead of light). Radio-frequency energy is precisely directed to the skin in the form of a matrix. Healthy skin around the dots accelerates the healing process of the skin. The treatment is predictable and an effective solution for all skin types, with minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The treatment is especially good for scars, wrinkles and acne scar treatment whilst on Isotretinoin.

As radio-frequency is not absorbed differently by different skin colours, it is safe and effective in darker skinned individuals. The typical treatment protocol is three to four treatments, 4 – 6 weeks apart. The total number of required treatment sessions depends on the condition of the skin. Post-treatment, new collagen and healthy skin cells are produced. Mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolorations are also reduced.

eTwo Sublative can be performed in addition to a skin tightening device called Sublime which helps increase collagen deposition in the dermis, and decreases the looseness of your skin. We can also include a photorejuvenation procedure to your skin renewal treatment programme to achieve effective and comprehensive skin rejuvenation with very little down-time.

CO2 Laser

This is one of the most economical ways to reduce ageing and/or sun-damage as it achieves multiple goals at once, removing brown spots, irregular texture, tone, wrinkles, as well as skin tightening, with only one or two procedures. This is an economical approach as it would usually require different lasers, as well as botulinum toxin and filler to achieve the same results from this technology. As long as a patient is willing to have some down-time (usually around ten days of visible wounds and healing), but who only want to have one treatment are benefitted by this approach.

Areas of treatment include:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Around the eyes

  • Cheeks

  • Chest

  • Arm

  • Hands

  • Back

  • Legs

What’s the next step?

If you already have an appointment booked at The Skin Specialist Centre, you can easily add a laser skin resurfacing treatment/consultation to your booking by calling our friendly team on (09) 524 5011. If you have never been to The Skin Specialist Centre, you can either give us a call on (09) 524 5011 or make an enquiry by clicking on the Enquire Now option below.