What is it?

Enlarged pores are usually due to genetically predetermined oil gland density and size. These are different from blackheads, although many people call an enlarged pore on their nose a blackhead. Sebum, which is the oil that is excreted out of the pore, turns black when it hits the air (oxidises), which is a chemical reaction. A blackhead is an open pimple in which the oil and other things that are secreted by the gland gets obstructed and creates a plug in the pore.

Topical therapies that reduce oil secretions by direct action on the gland are retinoids (Differin and Retrieve) which can reduce the activity of the gland, which makes the pore appear to be smaller. There are numerous other ways to improve the appearance of pores with the eTwo, Fraxel Restore Dual, Genesis, Hydrafacial, Picoway, Revlite Q-switched Nd:Yag.

Enlarged Pores Treatment Auckland


What’s the next step?

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