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The Skin Specialist Centre is located at 15 Greenlane East, Remuera. If you are approaching the clinic on the motorway from either the north or the south, then turn off at the Greenlane East exit (No. 9) and proceed up Greenlane East. As the road rises towards Remuera Road you will locate us on the lefthand side. We are about 100 metres south of Remuera Road. If you are approaching our centre from Remuera Road, drive down to the first street on the right (Lochiel Road) and make a left turn. This will then enable you to drive up to Greenlane East so that you can approach us from the lefthand side, rather than making a turn in the middle of the road as you are descending down Greenlane East.

Please contact us Monday to Friday using the details below

Phone: 524-5011

Fax: 524-5010

Remuera: 15 Greenlane East, Remuera, Auckland

Sub-branch West Auckland: 2 Fairdene Avenue (corner of Fairdene Avenue and Lincoln Road)

Address for Correspondence: Skin Specialist Centre, 15 Greenlane East, Remuera, Auckland 1050

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