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The Skin Specialist Centre is a dynamic and contemporary practice providing a comprehensive service that encompasses all aspects of skin care. Our medical consultants are highly qualified specialist dermatologists who have completed extensive post-graduate training and will provide you with the best advice regarding all aspects of medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. As well, we provide the most comprehensive laser, light and radio-frequency devices in New Zealand.

The Skin Specialist Centre in Remuera consists of modern consulting and laser treatment rooms, a fully equipped surgical theatre and a dedicated central sterilising area which meets the highest New Zealand health standards. We have a satellite clinic in West Auckland.

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What is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is the medical expert you should consult if you have any concern with your skin. The specialty of dermatology includes expertise and knowledge in disorders of hair and nails in addition to skin. In order to become a dermatologist, a person initially attends University for six years to gain their medical degree. Following qualification as a doctor they spend a minimum of two years undertaking general training in medicine and surgery within a teaching hospital. They then apply to enter the training programme in dermatology under the auspices of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Their advanced training in dermatology involves at least a further four years of intensive study, research and practice in a variety of approved training centres in New Zealand and overseas. Once qualified as a dermatologist some individuals undertake further training in more specific areas of dermatology, such as Mohs micrographic surgery, laser and cosmetic surgery. In total, a dermatologist has a minimum of thirteen years of training. New Zealand dermatologists are members of the New Zealand Dermatology Society (NZDS), the organisation overseeing professional standards and continual medical education. Members of this society are vocationally registered as specialists by the Medical Council of New Zealand (see – go to the site and click on “List of Registered Doctors”. Go to the search directory. Put in the surname of the doctor, put in the district and then click on “search” and this will confirm whether the doctor treating you has the vocational scope, i.e. confirmation of being a dermatologist). In order to ensure ongoing proficiency, New Zealand dermatologists have continuing medical education (CME) to keep up to date and this is a requirement for registration by the Medical Council of New Zealand. The New Zealand Dermatology Society oversees the CME certification programme.

To make an appointment with a dermatologist, this can be done by self-referral or, alternatively, through your general practitioner, or through another specialist. New Zealand’s NZDSI directory of dermatologists lists the names and addresses of dermatologists in New Zealand (see

A WORD OF CAUTION, there is a trend amongst general practitioners for some family practitioners who are vocationally registered as general practitioners (see – click on Medical Council, put in the name of the doctor and this will list whether he/she is actually a specialist or not) to have an interest in dermatology, to call themselves skin specialists, skin surgeons or even medical specialists. Assessment by such individuals may result in serious or dangerous conditions such as skin cancer being undiagnosed and treated inappropriately. These individuals are not registered as specialist dermatologists in New Zealand and if there is any doubt with regards to the doctor you see, you should check the NZDSI directory or ask to see the doctor’s qualification or the New Zealand Dermatology Society’s continual medical education certificate which is always displayed in the doctor’s surgery, or go to the Medical Council website to see the list of registered dermatologists.

Useful Information

The Skin Specialist Centre, Remuera is open from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Wednesday and 8am to 5.30pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Consultations at the Skin Specialist Centre, Remuera on Mondays are with Dr Kevin McKerrow, on Tuesdays with Dr Blair Wood; Thursdays and Fridays with Dr Kevin McKerrow and Fridays with Dr Nick Turnbull. Dr Turnbull and Dr McKerrow consult at the Skin Specialist Centre, Henderson on varying Mondays.

Fees – the cost of providing specialist medical services is higher than general practitioner fees. Your consultation fee will be quoted at the time of booking an appointment, although this will not include any additional services that may be performed at the consultation such as freezing treatment (liquid nitrogen) or skin biopsy. Excisional surgery, laser and cosmetic procedures are quoted individually depending on their complexity at the time of consultation.

Where a skin biopsy or shave biopsy is performed and tissue is forwarded for pathology there is no extra payment for the histopathology service.

Dr McKerrow is an Affiliated Provider with Southern Cross for Mohs micrographic surgery, excisional surgery and consultations, and provides services to all other major insurance companies.  Dr Turnbull and Dr Wood are also Affiliated Providers with Southern Cross for excisional surgery and consultations

Please note that fees are payable at the time of consultation and that you will be contacted at least 24 hours before the consultation to confirm your appointment. We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos.